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“Public’s Interest Must be Forefront” – PM Holness Convenes First Cabinet Meeting

“Public’s Interest Must be Forefront” – PM Holness Convenes First Cabinet Meeting
“Public’s Interest Must be Forefront” – PM Holness Convenes First Cabinet Meeting

Prime Minister the Most Hon. Andrew Holness today (March 15) urged members of his Cabinet to always be driven by the public’s interest and to consistently have Jamaica’s most vulnerable in mind when taking national decisions.   He also encouraged them to act with equity and fairness.

Mr. Holness was addressing his first official meeting of Cabinet since taking office. Cabinet which is responsible for decisions on national policies, plans and programme is the highest decision-making body of the Government.

“All our decisions must bear in mind the interest of the Jamaican people…. Unlike Parliament the deliberations in which we (Cabinet) engage that lead to decisions are not public; the public would not be aware of the considerations that make up our decisions, which makes it even more critical that the persons who sit around this table, from a moral standpoint always bear the public’s interest at the forefront of their mind; that there are no other interests that guide their deliberations other than the public’s interest,” the Prime Minister emphasised.

Also stating that Cabinet must be the gold standard for efficiency in the public sector, Mr. Holness declared, “We must take decisions quickly while examining all the perspectives of the matter before us.”

Prime Minister Holness also used the occasion to present his Cabinet members with a new code of conduct.  He urged the ministers to become familiar with the code of conduct and to abide by it. “The country has high expectations of our new government. We cannot disappoint; we must be committed and remain focused on our commitments. The people of Jamaica want to see a government that is delivering on its commitments, “the Prime Minister said.

“I remain focused and I remain committed. We will move Jamaica to prosperity,” Mr. Holness added.

In the meantime, invoking God’s blessing and help for Prime Minister Holness and members of his Cabinet, Bishop Herro Blair led the Cabinet in prayer. He prayed that God would grant, “the intellect to understand, the reason to discern, the diligence to seek, the wisdom to find, a spirit to know and heart to meditate upon You.”

Bishop Blair further entreated, “Give them ears to hear, eyes to see and a tongue to thank you; a way of life that is pleasing to You; patience to wait on You and perseverance to look to You.”