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The NHT, Making Housing Achievable for all Jamaicans

The NHT, Making Housing Achievable for all Jamaicans

“The NHT is the key to your own home and the government is making sure that many keys are delivered.”

– Prime Minister Holness


Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the National Housing Trust (NHT) is revolutionizing the housing sector in Jamaica by making homeownership a reality for more lower-middle-income to low-income Jamaicans.

“The NHT is doing an amazing job in trying to leverage the contributors’ contributions to provide achievable housing for Jamaicans,” Prime Minister Holness remarked. “Your government is working tirelessly to ensure that we have housing for our citizens. Regardless of all the other false narratives that you’re hearing, these are the facts. This is what we are doing and what we are doing here has never been done before. It is transformational for Jamaica,” stated Prime Minister Holness.

Through innovative policies and substantial investments, the NHT is dedicated to providing achievable housing solutions that cater to the needs of the majority of the population.

Speaking at the NHT Serviced Lots Handing Over Ceremony in Friendship Oaks, St. Elizabeth, Prime Minister Holness acknowledge the transformative and innovative the work done by the NHT. “Majority of the houses that the NHT is going to build going forward will be focused on lower middle income, to low income, to no income housing. In other words, the NHT is focused on achievable housing. That is the terminology that we are using, meaning you are all seeking to achieve this dream of housing. For most of the country, the income level would fall in the category of low income and therefore, the NHT is to support low-income earners and lower middle-income earners to achieve their dream of owning a home. So, the NHT is in the business of financing and constructing achievable housing solutions.”

In the current financial year, the NHT is set to commence construction on 15,000 housing solutions islandwide, with over 96% aimed at lower-middle-income to low-income contributors. These projects include 4,309 two-bedroom units, 7,600 one-bedroom units, and 3,100 serviced lots. This will ensure a wide range of affordable options for aspiring homeowners.

To further enhance housing accessibility and affordability, the government has introduced several innovative initiatives:

Expansion of the 10 Plus Home Improvement Loan: This programme allows first-time mortgagors to access home improvement loans of up to $3.5 million after 10 years, reducing the previous 15-year eligibility period for non-public sector workers.

Smart Energy Home Improvement Loan: Contributors can now equip their homes with renewable energy technologies, such as solar panels and water heaters, with loans up to $1.5 million per contributor, or $3 million for two contributors, at a 5% interest rate over ten years.

Solar Panel Home Grant: This grant enables public sector pensioners to install solar panel systems on their homes, with a maximum grant of $1.5 million per household.

Revised First Step Housing Programme: This initiative focuses on developing one-bedroom apartment complexes near urban centers, providing starter homes for single dwellers and young couples without forfeiting NHT first-time homeowner benefits.

Additionally, the NHT will reserve up to 10% of housing solutions for contributors under 35 years old, resulting in approximately 4,300 housing solutions with 100% financing up to $15 million over the next five years.

The NHT’s housing programme includes seven major developments in St. Elizabeth, projected to deliver 4,108 housing solutions over the coming years. These developments include the Malvern Housing Development (30 units), Friendship Oaks Phase One (150 units) and Two (543 units), Luana Housing Development (360 units), Gilnock 1 (2,425 units), Holland Estate (540 units), and Kensington (60 units).

The Friendship Oaks Development, situated on 36.8 hectares of land, will offer 256 housing solutions, including 150 one-bedroom units, 106 residential serviced lots, and eight commercial lots. Of the serviced lots, 15 are reserved for public sector workers and persons with disabilities. Among the 91 contributors selected for this development, 64% are female and 36% are male.

The NHT’s commitment to making housing achievable for all Jamaicans is a significant step towards improving the quality of life and economic stability for countless families across the nation.