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Government to Construct Phase 2 of Ruthven Towers

Government to Construct Phase 2 of Ruthven Towers

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has announced that the Government will proceed with the construction of Phase 2 of the Ruthven Towers Apartments, in Kingston 10.

The Prime Minister said that after much public uproar occurred over the Ruthven apartments sale price, the Government reevaluated its decision to ensure that the project fits within the mandate that has been given to the NHT, which is to build 70,000 houses for low-income earners.

Prime Minister Holness said;

“So we made the decision after careful consideration, that we will go ahead with the additional phase, and subject to layout modifications within the allowance for habitable rooms, in Phase Two we will be able to put on the market approximately 234 units.”

The Prime Minister further noted that another part of the Government’s mandate is “to have all houses that can be built, to have them built within our financial resources and within the law so that people from all walks of life in Jamaica can benefit.”

Continuing, the Prime Minister underscored that the duty of the Government is to facilitate and create opportunities for all Jamaicans from every income bracket.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Holness encouraged the public to avoid unreasonable and wild comments that can pose a distraction from ‘Project Jamaica’ which the country is set out to achieve.

The Prime Minister was addressing the National Housing Trust’s handing over ceremony of Phase One of the Ruthven Towers Apartments today, (August 3, 2022) in New Kingston.

The keys to 86 luxury style one and two bedroom apartment units on the eight-story building were today (August 3) handed over to new homeowners.