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PM Holness Hails Journalists on World Press Freedom Day

Prime Minister Andrew Holness today (May 3) hailed journalists for their continued work in helping to secure Jamaica’s democracy.

His statement comes as journalists throughout the world celebrate World Press Freedom Day.

The Prime Minister said “Governments over the years have worked with the media to ensure that there is a positive relationship between journalists and the State. This year we are particularly happy that this positive relationship has resulted in our improved placement on the World Press Freedom Index, as we have moved up to 8th in the world.”

“This government continues to have an open door policy towards journalists and we have put in place various protocols and approaches to build a strong partnership with the media and ensure that the country is always kept informed,” he added.

The Prime Minister noted that while Jamaican journalists benefit from a safe environment, it is not so in many other countries.

“We believe fundamentally that a free press is necessary for the development of strong democracies. This is why the government supports efforts at the UN for the appointment of a Special Representative to deal with the safety of Journalists.”

The Prime Minister said he is encouraging journalists in Jamaica to continue to be fair, balanced and responsible, as these are the factors which have built the trust of the Jamaican people in their work.