Yesterday, Caribbean leaders met with Vice President (VP) Kamala Harris, who reiterated the commitment of the United States to the peace and stability of the region on several fronts, including in the areas of climate change and disaster mitigation, and security. As the region, and Jamaica in particular, continues its advocacy for more significant support in combatting transnational crime and the flow of guns into our countries, resulting in increased instances of murder, I was pleased that VP Harris made the following announcements:

1. The establishment of a coordinator for Caribbean firearms prosecution
2. Support for a Caribbean gun crimes intelligence unit
3. Support for a transnational criminal investigative unit
4. Funding for regional climate resilience in light of our vulnerability to the devastating impacts of weather events

VP Harris noted that the security and prosperity of this region require cooperation and acknowledges that while there have been some achievements in the last two years, there’s still more to be done.