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Digital Society Will Bring Economic Growth and Create Jobs – PM Holness

Digital Society Will Bring Economic Growth and Create Jobs – PM Holness
The Most Honourable Andrew Holness, Prime Minister

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says it is the intention of the government for Jamaica to move very quickly in becoming a digital society as this will aid in productivity.

He was speaking at the IDB Policy Statement Press Conference held today (June 9) in the Executive Lobby at the Office of the Prime Minister.

“We’re not emphasising the digital society because it sounds good. We are emphasising the creation of the digital society because it will bring economic growth and job creation to the Jamaican economy and society,” stated the prime minister.

The prime minister noted that the first step toward achieving a digitised society is through the implementation of the National Identification System, NIDS.

He said NIDS will make the delivery of public services far more efficient and will contribute to greater inclusion, economic growth and job creation.

“The government is taking steps to increase the efficiency of the public bureaucracy by integrating technology. And the first strategy is to identify every single Jamaican uniquely,” stated Mr Holness.

The NIDS is being funded by the GoJ in partnership with the Inter- American Development Bank, IDB.

The IDB is to provide approximately US$68 Million toward the programme.

Mr Holness says the value of this loan is significant.

“This will be the real first universal application of technology across Jamaica. But it is the basis on which we will be able to then roll out all the other services digitally”, explained the prime minister.

He says NIDS will, among other things, facilitate reform of the PATH programme as well as create improvements in the health sector.

Meanwhile, the prime minister confirmed that the government has signed the GovNet strategy and the e-governance policy, both of which will contribute significantly to Jamaica becoming a digital society.