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Holness Cautions Parents to Keep Sick Children at Home as Some Schools Reopen

Holness Cautions Parents to Keep Sick Children at Home as Some Schools Reopen

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is cautioning parents against sending ill children to school, ahead of the start of the Government’s pilot project for the resumption of face to face classes in 17 public schools.

The Prime Minister stated that this is one risk that can be addressed by parents as Government seeks to find the best methodologies to open schools. In that regard, he added that parents have an integral role to play in mitigating the risk by ensuring their child, other children who attend the school, and teachers are safe.

“If your child is ill, then you have to ensure that based upon the Disaster Risk Management Act and the Orders in that Act, that you don’t send an ill child to school. I use the term ‘ill’ because if it is any flu-like symptoms: you should err on the side of caution and not send that child to school. Get medical attention before you venture out because we know that some parents will just carry the child to the school gate and leave the child,” said Prime Minister Holness.

The Prime Minister was speaking yesterday (November 4) at a ceremony for the handing over of devices under the Government’s Tablets in Schools Programme, at the Drews Avenue Primary and Infant School in St. Andrew.

The Ministry of Education will ensure all general protocols are in place particularly regarding sensitizing parents to the role they must play in the pilot exercise.

While the Government continues to move with alacrity to distribute tablets to students under the Tablets in School Programme, Prime Minister Holness encouraged parents who can purchase durable tablets for their children to do so.

“We now know that these devices can play an integral role in the delivery of the school programme, and our children can learn from them. Therefore, we must ensure that it is properly integrated into our daily education,” said Prime Minister Holness.

In the meantime, the Prime Minister said, “I am clear in my mind that we will have to reopen our schools. We just have to protect the health and safety of our children and teachers, and this is certainly not beyond us”.