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Prime Minister Urges Greater Caution on the Nation’s Roads

Prime Minister Urges  Greater Caution on the Nation’s Roads

Says There Will be Greater Enforcement of the New Road Traffic Act

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is cautioning road users to be extra vigilant while traversing the nation’s roadways, this following a spate of traffic accidents over the last few days.

Prime Minister Holness stated;

“There is no need to be reckless, there is no need to be irresponsible. You can get to where you are going even if you drive a bit slower; even if you drive with greater care; even if you stop and allow someone else to go. There is no need for this kind of abandonment of responsibility on the road.”

Speaking at a groundbreaking event in the Parish of Trelawny, Prime Minister Holness noted that the National Road Safety Unit has reported an increase in traffic accidents.

The Prime Minister also stressed that the increase in accidents presents additional stress to Jamaica’s health system. He also used the opportunity to caution particularly bike riders, to utilise the necessary protective gear while riding.

Together with his public plea for safe road usage by all stakeholders, the Prime Minister underscored that there will be greater enforcement of the new Road Traffic Act.