POST CABINET REPORT For October 17, 2018

POST CABINET REPORT For October 17, 2018


Please see below activities of Cabinet since the last briefing.  

Decisions from Cabinet:

 The Cabinet has approved the following Annual Reports / Financial Statements for tabling in Parliament

  • University of Technology 2015/16 & 2016/17
  • Jamaica Bauxite Mining Ltd 2016/17
  • Jamaica Cultural Development Commission 2013/14
  • Devon House Ltd 2017/18
  • Jamaica Tourist Board 2016/17
  • Tourism Enhancement Fund 2017/18


National Announcements

  1. Jamaica’s Participation in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)

Cabinet gave approval for Jamaica to participate in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) to be undertaken by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information in 2021. Government will spend some one hundred and sixteen million, eight hundred and twenty-seven thousand, two hundred and twenty-four dollars ($116,827,224.00) over four years to undertake the review. This decision was taken against the background of the following factors:


  • In 2004 a task force was established to comprehensively review and evaluate Jamaica’s education system. Since then, however, there has been no further comprehensive review of the education system.


  • PISA is a triennial survey designed to evaluate and benchmark education systems through the assessment of science and reading skills. It focusses on the ability of students to apply unfamiliar contexts and facilitates the gathering of information pertaining to the education system that ultimately assists in enriching data analysis.


  • PISA’s reach globally has steadily increased from 42 to 80 countries


  • It would facilitate the evaluation and ranking of the Jamaican education system with other countries; Trinidad and Tobago is the only other state in the English speaking Caribbean currently participating in PISA.


  1. New Air Services Agreement

 Cabinet has given approval for the signing of new air services agreements with the governments of Slovenia, the Kingdom of Morocco, the Bahamas and South Africa.

Cabinet took special note of the outcome of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Air Services Agreement which, since 2008, had provided states with an avenue to conduct air services negotiations or consultations. This is important in negotiating direct flights to Jamaica. Cabinet noted that Jamaica had participated in 16 Air Services Agreements negotiation sessions since 2008.


  1. Divestment of Lots 28 & 29 of Bogue Industrial Estates, Montego Bay, St James

Cabinet has approved the divestment of lots 28 & 29 of lands situated at Bogue Industrial Estate registered at volume 1452 Folio 518 to the St James Municipal Corporation to Mr Keith P. Jackson in the sum of seventy-seven million, seven hundred and sixty thousand dollars ($77,760,000.00).


  1. Compulsory Acquisition of Lands

Cabinet has approved the compulsory acquisition of three parcels of land in accordance with the Land Acquisition Act of 1947, as follows:


  • Bigwell Lane in Hanover so that a required sewerage system could be constructed for the residents/occupants.
  • Enable the Ministry of Economic Growth & Job Creation to provide security of tenure for the occupants at Browns Land (Portmore Lane) in St Catherine; and
  • Part of 10 ½ Whitehall Avenue in St Andrew


  1. Award of Contracts:

 Cabinet has approved the award of the following contracts


  • Establishment of a Programme Management Office for the Cornwall Regional Hospital

Cabinet has approved the award of contract in the sum of one hundred and forty-six million, seven hundred and eighty thousand dollars ($146,780,000.00) to APEC Consultants Ltd for the establishment of a programme management office for the Cornwall Regional Hospital Rehabilitation Project for a period of two (2) years.

  • Well Drilling in the Essex Valley Project Phase 1

 Cabinet also gave approval for the award of a contract in the amount of three hundred and eight million, nine hundred and sixteen thousand, three hundred and thirty-three dollars and fifty-eight cents ($308,916,333.58) to Jamaica Wells and Services Ltd under the Essex Valley Agricultural Development Project.


  • Procurement of Works for Greenwich Town Integrated Infrastructure Project, St Andrew

Cabinet approved the award of a contract through the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) for the undertaking of rehabilitative works in keeping with the Greenwich Town Integrated Infrastructure project in the sum of one hundred and sixty nine million, nine hundred and sixty four thousand, one hundred and eighty eight dollars and seventy cents ($169,964,188.70) to Stone Plus Ltd.

  • Procurement of Works for the Denham Town Infrastructure Project

Cabinet approved the award of a contract on the sum of one hundred and eighty-six million, three hundred and four thousand, six hundred and twenty-eight dollars and ten cents ($186,304,628.10) to Contraxx Enterprises Ltd to carry out rehabilitative work under the Denham Town Integrated Infrastructure Project in Kingston.


  • Procurement of Works for the Retirement Infrastructure Project

Cabinet gave approval for award of contract in the sum of one hundred and forty-seven million, eight hundred and sixty-one thousand, seven hundred dollars ($147,861,700.00) to Stone Plus Ltd for undertaking rehabilitative works under the Retirement Integrated Infrastructure Project in St James.


  • Mechanical Electrical Plumbing and External Works at Portmore BPO Complex

Cabinet approved the award of contract in the sum of nine hundred and forty-nine million, two hundred and eighteen thousand, three hundred and seventy-five dollars and two cents ($949,218,375.02) to ZDA Construction Ltd. This is to undertake mechanical, electrical, plumbing and external works at the Portmore Business Process Outsourcing Complex at the Portmore Informatics Park in the Municipality of Portmore in St Catherine.


  • Provision of external Auditing Services for the UDC

Cabinet approved the award of a three-year contract for the provision of audit services for the UDC covering fiscal years ending March 31, 2018;  March 31, 2019 and March 31, 2020 to KPMG in the sum of seventy-five million, eighty-seven thousand, eight hundred and twenty-five dollars



  • Horizon Park Waste Water Plan Rehabilitation & Upgrade

Cabinet gave approval for the award of contract in the sum of two million, ten thousand and four hundred US Dollars (US$2,010,400) to Florida Aquastore & Utility Construction Inc. This is to undertake rehabilitation upgrade and expansion of the National Water Commission’s existing Horizon Park Waste Treatment Plant in St Catherine.


  • Supply & Delivery of Tablets Carts & Services

Cabinet approved the award of contracts totalling thirty million, four hundred and seventy-one thousand, six hundred and fifteen US dollars

(US $30,471,615.00) as follows:

  1. GeoTech Vision Ltd (Lots 1 &2) in the amount of sixteen million, three hundred and fifty-nine thousand, seven hundred and thirty-five US dollars (US$16, 359,735.00) and
  2. Innovative Corporate Solutions Ltd (Lots 3 &4) in the amount of fourteen million, one hundred and eleven thousand, eight hundred and eighty US dollars (US$14,111,880.00).

This is for the supply and delivery of tablets carts and services under the Tablets in Schools Project roll-out.



Senator Ruel Reid

Minister of Information

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 Colin Steer

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Govt provides full subsidy for exam fees of secondary level PATH students

The Government of Jamaica will be providing examination subsidies for secondary level students sitting exit examinations in 2019. The following subject areas are covered: Mathematics, English Language, a Science subject, Information Technology or EDPM and a marketable skill area in NVQ-J, CVQ and City and Guilds examinations.  In addition, full subsidy payment will also be made for up to eight (8) subjects for students on PATH and wards of the State who are eligible to receive the support.   Full subsidy means the Government will cover the cost of all fees associated with the examination which includes entry fee, subject fees, practical fees, fees for orals and all other fees related to the subject.  Examinations co-ordinators are allowed to modify the subsidy document to include the additional subjects for these students. At the same time The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information is reminding school administrators that students registering to sit various exit level examinations for the 2018-2019 academic year, should do so in keeping with their career pathways, interests and abilities. The Ministry is also reminding that students entering the fourth form should all be settled into a course of study for the following two years and those exiting the secondary level should have met the minimum standard of a National School Leaving Certificate with the minimum subjects attained in either CSEC, City and Guilds, NVQJ or CVQ being Mathematics, English Language and a marketable TVET skill.  Students may complete up to eight (8) subjects but should be encouraged to exit the secondary level with at least five (5) subjects which should include Mathematics, English and a marketable TVET subject. With the introduction of a guaranteed seven-year (Grades 7-13) programme of study whereby students can access education through structured and regulated learning, more students will be remaining in school up to Grades 12-13 and hence will require additional support for examination subsidy at that level. The Education Ministry will also provide a subsidy for three (3) Units in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) each year, which includes the compulsory subject and two others. Full subsidy will be provided for the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ), National Vocational Qualification of Jamaica (NVQ-J) and two subjects in City and Guilds.


The Ministry is also pleased to advise that the special website created for the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) is up and running. The URL is .

We encourage our parents, teachers and students to visit the site and make use of the available resources.