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OPM Launches Jamaica House Petition

OPM Launches Jamaica House Petition

The Office of the Prime Minister, OPM officially launched the Jamaica House Petition portal today (July 24).

The portal gives citizens the opportunity to petition the government on matters of national importance. The OPM will consider petitions submitted by local groups and members of the public as part of its national consultation approach.

The portal can be accessed via the website of the Office of the Prime Minister,

Director of Communications in the OPM, Robert Morgan says the Jamaica House Petition portal is in keeping with the Government’s mandate of transparency and accountability.

He says it will also allow for greater citizen involvement in the governance process.

“Jamaica House Petition is an important element of good governance. This initiative not only supports greater citizen involvement but fosters greater levels of transparency and accountability within the government”, explained Mr Morgan.

In the meantime, Mr Morgan asserts that public participation is an integral part of preserving our democracy and the government welcomes participatory governance as it strengthens the relationship between the government and the people.

“This type of public participation is practised globally. In fact, we have had several petitions here in Jamaica from various organisations on varying issues. So while this is a new initiative from a government stand point, the idea is not new to the Jamaican landscape”, stated Mr Morgan.

The Jamaica House Petition portal can be accessed by citizens, civil society groups and organisations.


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